What is Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits is a unique program that boosts up nonprofit marketing efforts by giving $10,000 per month in free AdWords advertising credit. Google Adwords help Nonprofits to significantly increase brand-awareness and promote their initiatives on Google search result pages. Enjoy at least 5000 new relevant page visits per month!

We Care Animal Rescue

shares their experience about using Google’s tools to drive online donations, get volunteers and communicate with people around the world about their work.

How does Google Adwords Work


People search for donation opportunities


Your Adwords Ad is displayed on Google



People click the Ad and land on your site


People review your site and make a donation online

Google Adwords Requirements

$329 Maximum daily budget

As much as $329 a day can be used to promote your Non Profit on Google. This amount will bring you at least 164 new engaged visitors every day!

$2.00 Maximum CPC Bid

Google Ad Grantees are allowed to bid up to $2.00 per Ad Click. Decent site quality and wise keyword selection are essential for getting your Ad on the top of search results

Keyword-targeted text ads only

Under Ad Grants you can only run text ads in Google search results. These text ads are triggered by keywords of your choice.

Active management

Ad Grantees are required to log in at least once every 30 days and make at least one change to the account every 90 days.

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