Hope Life Center Church

 We are a non-profit church dedicated to supporting all those that we can, and bringing hope to all we come in contact with. It is our mission to support all those within our communities whom Jesus calls to, our doors are always open to those who need it.

Health First African Missions

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, that is dedicated to providing both education relating to personal health, as well as actual health services to those in need within the continent of Africa. Through our past experiences, and humanitarian work, it has become apparent to us that there is a great deal of work that must be done within Africa concerning basic health needs. This is no surprise. However, what is surprising is the absolute lack of knowledge when it comes to one’s own individual health.

Cockfort Research Corp

At Cockroft Research Corp., it is our goal to provide financial support and resources to those who are seeking careers in the fields that are included under the “STEM” label. By providing prospective students and individuals with these resources, it is our hope that we can help enlighten the lives of as many people as we can through education, and science. Through research scholarships, micro-financing network collection, and more along these lines, it is our hope that we can collect the funds necessary to provide scholarships for some of the most important advances for our species.

Little Treasure Thrift Shop

Little Treasure Thrift Shop Inc., is a non-profit dedicated to providing local students with the clean, and complete uniforms that they deserve, and need to excel within their studies. It is our goal at Little Treasure Thrift Shop, to provide these local students with new uniforms, as well as a support and care system at our local store. It is our hope to offer those in need a place to go, and a place to be.

Sister 2 Sister

Sister 2 Sister is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping some of those in our communities whom need it most. Specializing in closing the service gap between low income single mothers, and young women in the work force, it’s our goal to do all we can to support these families and individuals. Our organization provides a wide range of resources for those who come to our doors, which are always open.

Care For The Sheep

Founded in 2012, Care for the Sheep (CFS) is an international not for profit organization, which provides humanitarian assistance to persons with disabilities, defend their civil and human Rights, fight against juvenile delinquency and assists immigrants and refugees.

Alaskan Marine Ministries

We are the Alaskan Marine Ministries, the start of something great. We are on a mission to spread the word of the Three Angels, and their message of Revelation. Our goal, is to utilize a self-contained mobile marine medical station, a sanitarium, to provide medical missionary work to the people of South East Alaska. It is our mission, to travel form British Columbia to the Kenai Peninsula.

Bantu Arts Atelier For Kids

In a country as diverse and colorful as the United States, creating a healthy space where children will develop an appreciation of the other cultures, while conserving their history and heritage is a core component to their education. Through our fun, rotative, inclusive and exclusive multicultural curriculum, children, parents and communities members are transported in a village/adventure they have never been to, teachers gain info some books don’t have as well.


Founded by Genice MacDonald, who currently serves as president, at Every Dog has its Day and Night too, we are an organization of caring, and like-minded individuals who share a unified goal.
Too often do we see the cruelty that animals face in this world, and we wish to do everything that we can to alleviate this suffering, and to provide those who are in need a loving, and safe home to spend the rest of their days. Here at Every Dog has its Day and Night too we are out there everyday striving to improve the world for these animals by finding suitable forever homes from them within our local communities.